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[¦dē¦vē¦dē ′vid·ē·ō]
A DVD format for digital storage of video information. Also known as Book B.


A read-only DVD disc used for movies endorsed by the DVD Forum. Offering visual quality superior to VHS tapes, the first DVD-Video players became available at the end of 1996. A single-sided, single-layer DVD-Video disc holds approximately 133 minutes of full-motion video using MPEG-2 compression. The 133 minutes is an approximate number, because compression is not a fixed rate. It is based upon the amount of motion taking place in each scene.

DVD-Video discs can be played in regular DVD players, high-definition Blu-ray players and computer DVD-ROM drives.

Two Layers; Two Sides
DVD-Video discs can be recorded on both sides, and two layers per side can be used. Thus, up to four two-hour movies can be contained on a single volume. DVD-Video supports Dolby Digital surround sound, which provides five discrete channels of CD-quality audio plus a subwoofer (5.1 channel). See DVD, DVD storage capacities, DVD drives, VOB, DVD-ROM and DTV.
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of America, in which Image will have the exclusive rights to market and distribute Panasonic Interactive Media's first two DVD video programs.