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The final chapter, Sunbeams, discusses Dvorah Baron, the woman writer whose father was a Rabbi so that she really knew the local Jewish community in Europe and continued to write about the characters in that Jewish milieu there even after settling in Israel.
Calhoun, director of member and component relations, Regulatory Affairs Professional Society, Rockville, Maryland; Dvorah A.
The interview with Rus Dvorah Shatkin (134-38) that ends with a rationalization of Shatkin's love of singing (as a voice major in college) vis-a-vis her religious devotion is one example.
and Dvorah Telushkin (``Master of Dreams: Anecdotes and Tales of Isaac Bashevis Singer'').
Since our inception, Dallas has been serious in attracting black tourism business," says Dvorah Evans, director of the division.
Your survival kit would not be complete without a first aid kit, says certified meeting planner Dvorah Evans, director of conventions and tourism for the Dallas Black Chamber of Commerce.
Dvorah speaks so clearly, inspires such confidence, that I always imagine I understand what she is saying, even when I don't know half the words.
The second day, when Dvorah goes around the room asking us to name something in Hebrew that we like, something that starts with the same first letter as our name, Irina offers, "Shmi Irina v'ani ohevet ofna.
Dvorah helps us make sense of the rapid delivery of the Israeli radio news readers; she tapes the highlights and plays them over and over for us.
She remembers her childhood spent with her relatives, among them her grandmother, who had given her the Jewish name Dvorah and who on her deathbed rejected the Christian rites in order to assert her Jewishness after a life of submission to the Christian side of the family.
Feigie is contrasted with the last two girls who saw her, Pessie and Dvorah.
Following Pessie and Dvorah through the woods, Feigie feels a pain and goes off by herself to investigate--she is so intimidated by the older girls that she cannot imagine them even having to go to the bathroom (p.