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(both: dī`ăk), name applied to one of the groups of indigenous peoples of the island of BorneoBorneo
, island (1990 pop. 9,102,906), c.287,000 sq mi (743,330 sq km), largest of the Malay Archipelago and third largest island in the world, SW of the Philippines and N of Java.
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, numbering about 2 million. The Dyaks have maintained their customs and mode of life largely uninfluenced by modern civilization. The group is generally divided into the Sea Dyaks, or Iban, who inhabit the coastal areas and rivers; the Land Dyaks of SW Borneo; the Bahau of central and E Borneo; and the Ngadju of S Borneo. In Dyak communities, a few enormous longhouses provide dwelling places for a whole village. Each longhouse has a chief. In clearings made in the jungle, rice, yams, sugarcane, and other crops are grown cooperatively by the people of the entire community. Fishing and hunting (with blowguns and poison darts) supplement the food supply. Dyaks have highly complex animistic and shamanistic religious cults. Intertribal warfare has persisted, with headhunting as an important feature. In the second half of the 20th cent, Indonesia encouraged immigration to Kalimantan (Indonesian Borneo) from other areas of Indonesia, especially Madura. Tensions between the immigrants and the indigenous Dyaks have led to recurrent violence by Dyak tribesmen.


See B. Sandin, The Sea Dayaks of Borneo before White Rajah Rule (1968); D. Freeman, Report on the Iban (2d ed. 1970); R. Pringle, Rajahs and Rebels (1970).

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I use Iban for "Sea Dyak" for simplicity sake, as "Dyak" in the historical record was used to cover either "Land" or "Sea" Dyak.
This is a powerful opportunity to expose audiences to science, engineering and technology as vital fields of study, exciting career pursuits toward jobs that make the world a better place," said Dyak.
This effort serves to help returning Servicemembers take greater control of the challenges they face," said Brian Dyak, EIC President and CEO.
Some young Chinamen came before me with the request that they might be allowed to live and pay taxes as Dyaks, they were dressed in Dyak costumes, and had married Dyak wives .
We must connect these cornerstones of our economy," said Brian Dyak, president and CEO of the Entertainment Industries Council Inc.
When Wallace lived for a time with the Dyak headhunters of Borneo, he liked them.
It was clear from the beginning that the missionaries saw themselves as allies of the rajah, their task being to introduce "a good leaven of Christianity and the arts of civilization" so that what they called "the dark heathenism of the Dyak," the indigenous people of Borneo, might be "enlightened.
Gruesome ethnic cleansing in Borneo as blowpipe-wielding Dyak head hunters kill hundreds of immigrants.
As a dashing Marines officer, he served in the Special Boat Squadron in the Far East where he learned to speak Malay, Dyak and Chinese.
politics are simply a subdivision of immutable ethics; that there are certain rights of men in all places and all times, which are the sole and sufficient foundation of all government, and that accordingly a single stereotype government is to make the tour of the world--and you have no more right to deprive a Dyak of his vote in a "possible" Polynesian Parliament, than you have to steal his mat.
EIC President Brian Dyak said the organization will ``challenge our creative community to put forth role models, develop scripts, create storylines, shape portrayals of youth that reflect the norm.
Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) Additional Speakers: Congresswoman Diane Watson (D-CA) Brian Dyak, President/CEO, Entertainment Industries Council David Rehr President/CEO, National Association of Broadcasters Dr.