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or Dayak
, name applied to one of the groups of indigenous peoples of the island of Borneo, numbering about 2 million. The Dyaks have maintained their customs and mode of life largely uninfluenced by modern civilization.
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4) Russian service records ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) do not mention Tartu voivodes in 7078 (September 1, 1569-August 31st, 1570), but data for the year 7079 indicate that the first voivode in Tartu was the Tsar's kinsman Nikita Romanovich Yuryev, the second was Prince Pyotr Ivanovich Khvorostinin, the third was Prince Nikita Priimkov-Rostovski, and the dyaks were Semyon Shelepin and Melenti Ivanov ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.
I realize I'm playing fast and loose with such terms as trophies and cannibalism, but that is because I am following Melville's text, which most certainly does: for instance, the Marquesans were cannibals and ate the bodies of their dead enemies, but they did not (as Tommo discovers) preserve the heads of their victims in the manner of the Dyaks of Borneo.
Early in 1877 the Gazette thought that recent rises in the price of gutta percha would have a beneficial effect on the security situation elsewhere because it would "produce wants" on the part of the Dyaks by inducing them to trade (SG 16 Jan 1877).
The local Dyaks regarded him with awe as a demigod imbued with magical powers.
From the known industry of the Dyaks, and their partiality to rice-cultivation", James Brooke wrote, "there can be little doubt that it would become an article of extensive export.
I do not consider that Chinese living among Dyaks in this manner is to the benefit of the Dyak community and ordered them to live among their own people .
Jim's white, machine-made clothing does more than simply distinguish him Malays, Bugis, and Dyaks, of course; it also serves as a reminder to his subjects that he is backed by the "overwhelming force" (225).
1937 Cooperative Ricefield Cultivation among the Siang Dyaks of Central Borneo.
Wallace was, after all, a passionate champion of the developmental Brooke regime, with its capacity to promote human population growth, specifically for the Land Dyaks of Sarawak, through ameliorating the condition of women.
Although there were recurrent concerns about "a growing national consciousness among Sea Dyaks throughout the country," political action through participation in the anti-cession movement was largely confined to the urbanized Dayak community of Kuching and the closely associated Iban centers of Simanggang and the Saribas.
The produce of the jungles procured with ease and little labour by the Dyaks, would be the first articles offered by them for sale or barter and this natural instinct has been strengthened and encouraged by the course which European and Chinese traders have taken in the country (23)