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Limited Tenders are invited for set of spares for controller asm dynamic brake,make-kepco one set consisting the items and quantity as per annexure attached
Protesting drivers had been demanding locomotives with dynamic brake control system.
For safety, the vehicles are equipped with an audible warning device, flashing light, non-contact obstacle sensor safety bumper, dynamic brake and parking brake.
The new brake is designed to perform and survive a full speed dynamic brake event with a fully loaded dipper and, as a result, to minimize the risk of an uncontrolled dipper drop.
Features include plug connectors for easy wiring, no filtering or DC fusing requirements, and a built-in dynamic brake chopper.
A 3 HP stainless steel dynamic brake motor enables smooth operation of the cutting wheel.
Shakerley said: "Packaging the new technology, including AC traction, dynamic brake and air-conditioned cabs, into a locomotive compliant with UK clearance gauge and axle weight [standards] has been a challenge but the design team has been uncompromising with a delivery date towards the end of 2009.
Features built into the drive include a dynamic brake chopper, electromechanical brake control, pulse encoder, and Modbus Serial communications.
Tenders are invited for Rheostat Assembly- Dynamic Brake To Emd Part No.
REMI Refrigerated benchtop centrifuge, 16000RPM, Model: NEYA-16R LCD display of speed & time, imbalance detector, dynamic brake, safety lid lock, with voltage stabilizer and following accessories-01
speed regulator, safety lid interlock, dynamic brake

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