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An application development system for enterprise client/server environments from Dynasty Technologies, Inc., Houston, TX (www.dynasty.com). Introduced in 1993, it is a repository-driven system that supports Windows, Mac and Motif clients and NT, OS/2 and major Unix servers and databases. It provides partitioning for creating three-tier applications. DYNASTY generates C and SQL code.



in monarchical states, several monarchs of the same lineage (family) who succeed each other on the throne by right of inheritance (for example, the Romanovs in Russia, the Hapsburgs in Austria-Hungary, and the Valois and Bourbons in France).

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Nevertheless, Peirce's work effectively reinforces recent work on the post-Suleymanic period, while at the same time revising scholarship about the imperial harem and the dynastic family.
Authors of dynastic sagas, he tells us, typically gather most of their facts from the periphery of the dynastic family, interviewing corps of friends, servants, and associates, tirelessly reading in family, business, and foundation archives, but rarely depending in any crucial way upon interviews with family members themselves; approaching them, indeed, in a manner that is "hedged and restrained," and learning little from them.
ABC's upcoming drama, "Dirty Sexy Money" stars "Six Feet Under's" Peter Krause as a reluctant attorney called upon to rescue the Darlings -- a New York dynastic family -- from their worst impulses and tabloid-grabbing behavior.