an urban-type settlement in the Tatar ASSR. Situated 40 km north of Al’met’evsk. Oil is extracted nearby. The settlement is named in honor of the poet M. Dzhalil’.

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5) A Kurd educated in the Soviet Union, Dzhalil seeks to document and describe the political mobilization of Ottoman Kurds, and toward that end he makes extensive use of Russian and some Armenian materials.
A much shorter but nonetheless useful work that Dzhalil edited is the "autobiography" of Abdiirrezzak Bedirhan, which consists of two lengthy autobiographical statements translated into Turkish and Kurdish in a single volume.
For more Russian evaluations of Abdurrezzak, see Dzhalil, Iz istorii, 97-98.
150) Gordlevskii, "U Sipandagskikh kurdov: Iz poezdki na kavkazskii front," Musul'manskii mir 1, 1 (1917): 34; Dzhalil, Iz istorii, 106.