Dzhalil Dzhasme

Dzhasme, Dzhalil Oseovich


Born Oct. 7 (20), 1908, in the village of Kizil-Kula, of Kars Province, Turkey. Soviet Kurd poet. Member of the CPSU since 1930.

After his parents perished in a slaughter organized by the Turkish sultanate, Dzhasme was raised in an orphanage in Aleksandropol’ (now Leninakan). He graduated from the Armenian Pedagogical Institute in Yerevan in 1941. Dzhasme was first published in 1930. He is the author of the collections of lyrics and narrative poems Alagiaz (1954, in Armenian), Kurd Narrative Poems (1955, in Armenian), Native Spring (1957, in Armenian), My Days (1960, in Kurd), and My Hearth (1966, in Armenian); the poem “Lenin” was published in Russian translation inPravda on Apr. 15, 1956. His verses and narrative poems were included in the book Soviet Kurd Poets (1956). He has translated into Kurd the verses of A. S. Pushkin, O. Tumanian, A. Isaakian, and E. Charents.


In Russian translation:
Dorogami vremen: [Stikhi i poemy]. Moscow, 1968.
References in classic literature ?
If "nobleness enkindleth nobleness," so does enthusiasm beget enthusiasm, and so do wit and talent enkindle wit and talent.
The snow yet lay scattered over most of those distant clearings that were visible in different parts of the mountains; though here and there an opening might be seen where, as the white covering yielded to the season, the bright and lively green of the wheat served to enkindle the hopes of the husbandman.
Their office is to illumine and enkindle -- My duty, to be saved by their bright light, And purified in their electric fire, And sanctified in their elysian fire.