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an urban-type settlement in Krasnovodsk Ob-last, Turkmen SSR. It has a railroad station 18 km northwest of Nebit-Dag. Population, 6,000 (1970). The mining and grinding of salt are the main industry. The resort of Mollakara is 5 km west of Dzhebel.

In a cave 4 km east of Dzhebel on the slopes of the Bol’shoi Balkhan, the Soviet archaeologist A. P. Okladnikov in 1949-50 excavated multileveled archaeological remains. In the six Lower Mesolithic levels were found numerous flint weapons of Mesolithic types (including prismatic and conical cores; knife-like plate-shaped objects; and pointed disk-like and core-like scrapers). Pottery with pointed bottoms was found in an Upper Mesolithic level. Above these, Neolithic and early Bronze Age levels were found.


Sredniaia Aziia v epokhu kamnia i bronzy- Moscow-Leningrad, 1966.
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5 km of an existing road from Kardzhali to the Dzhebel station.
Overhaul of time KRZ1060/III +508 / Djebel - Chakaltsi - Sunflower - Dzhebel - Momchilgrad - Zagorsko - Sadovitsa road KRZ2384/III-508 Balabanov - Jebel / Sedlari - Sadovitsa, KRZ1060 road KRZ3410/KRZ2384 pk 508 - Sedlari /-Vurhari.
Borisov further slammed Dogan's ethnic Turkish party DPS for its Saturday's remembrance meeting at the southern Bulgarian town of Dzhebel called to remember the so called Revival Process (or Regeneration Process) a the campaign of the communist Bulgaria authorities in the late 1980s to force Bulgarian Muslims and ethnic Turks to adopt Slavic-Christian names as part of an assimilation campaign.
How can they prevent a MP from speaking, and an alcohol-smelling person can walk around and explain what he was smelling", Borisov asked, apparently hinting that Ahmed Dogan, the ethnic Turkish party leader, was drunk at the Dzhebel rally.
Contract award: "Implementation of construction - assembly work on the project" Improving the energy efficiency of the building of the school "Hristo Botev" Dzhebel.
The ethnic Turkish leader addressed supporters who gathered in the town of Dzhebel to commemorate the so-called "May events" of 1989.
No president can be elected without us," Dogan said before a crowd of supporters, who gathered in the Southeastern town of Dzhebel to commemorate the so-called "May events" of 1989.
Dogan visited the southern Bulgarian town of Dzhebel to participate in a meeting dedicated to 21st anniversary of the peaceful rally of the Dzhebel ethnic Turks when they demanded the reinstatement of their native Muslim names replaced during the assimilation campaign of the former Communist regime known as the Revival Process.
The municipalities of Momchilgrad, Krumovgrad, Ardino, Dzhebel and Kirkovo, were able to comply, but only the Kardzhali office accepts express applications.