optical bands

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optical bands

The spectrum for transmission in singlemode optical fibers has been broken into the following wavelength ranges, or bands. Typically, the wavelengths transmitted in multimode fibers are around 850 and 1310 nm, known originally as first window and second window. See satellite bands.

                    Wavelength Range Band    Name       In Nanometers (nm)

 O-band  Original      1260 - 1360

 E-band  Extended      1360 - 1460

 S-band  Short         1460 - 1530

 C-band  Conventional  1530 - 1565

 L-band  Long          1565 - 1625

 U-band  Ultra-long    1625 - 1675
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New Frequency Options for MS46500B Series Bring Price/Performance Benefits to Help Overcome Cost Obstacles Facing E-band and Microwave Designs -
They are based on more than 30 patents, and include the first SiGe E-band chip and other unique achievements.
According to the update, this division is continuing to focus largely on developing propriety E-band transceiver modules that can move large volumes of data and voice traffic around the mobile phone network, as well as on providing build-to-print services to related markets.
That all changed, however, with the opening of the 71-76 and 81-86 GHz bandreferred to as the E-Band range of millimeter wave (MMW) frequencies.
Ericsson will deploy its Evolved IP network consisting of: Smart Services Routers (SSR),MINI-LINK microwave transmission links using MINI-LINK PT 6020 for E-band and MINI-LINK PT and TN for traditional frequency bands.
The new ISG mWT would look to alleviate the utilization of the V-band (57-66 GHz), the E-band (71-76 81-86 GHz) and, in the future, higher frequency bands (up to 300 GHz) for large volume backhaul and fronthaul applications for backing up mobile network implementation, wireless local loop and any other service benefitting from high speed wireless transmission.
com)-- LightPointe, a leading manufacturer of Gigabit capacity outdoor point-to-point data bridges, announced that 2014 is already a record breaking year thanks to widespread adoption of its 60 GHz V-band and 80 GHz E-band millimeter wave radios, as well as the company's new Free Space Optics bridges which feature advanced laser transmission that made the list for “Top 10 Disruptive Technologies” in the National Defense Magazine November, 2014 issue.
Laying fiber or utilizing leased line solutions was considered, but due to the cost effectiveness and ease of deployment, it was decided to utilize Siklu's E-band wireless technology.
Fujitsu has deployed the BroadOne GX4000 E-Band Solution for the North American market.
Tokyo, May 21, 2014 - (JCN Newswire) - NEC Corporation (NEC; TSE: 6701) announced today that its subsidiary, CJSC NEC Neva Communications Systems (NEC Neva), has supplied Rostelecom OJSC (Rostelecom), Russia's largest fixed-line long-distance telephone carrier, with NEC's iPASOLINK EX outdoor, integrated, ultra-compact microwave communications system which supports 70-80GHz E-band communications.
MOSCOW -- Radio Gigabit, a leading developer of innovative antenna technologies for millimeter-wave communication systems introduced a lens antenna for E-band backhaul applications.
E-Band Communications Corporation, a developer of ultra-high capacity 70/80 GHz point-to-point wireless backhaul solutions today announced that it has entered into an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) agreement with Aviat Networks, Inc.