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That would go for a fortune on e-bay today, but Frank's not selling.
After MacNeil's later personal inspection found the car did not have the satellite radio or DVD screens described on e-Bay, MacNeil sued Trambert for $2,546 in small-claims court in DuPage County.
Dros y misoedd diwethaf, yn sgil bargeinio ar yr e-Bay, mae Dylan y Postman wedi cludo'n ddiogel i Acw, becynnau oedd yn cynnwys llyfrau prin, un neu ddau o gardiau post, perlysiau gwneud cyri a photel neu ddau o saws chilli poetha'r byd
She has been looking on e-bay for months now, bidding like mad.
The unqualified success of e-bay highlights a growing trend that's becoming increasingly prevalent within the construction industry.
People sell their unwanted items on e-Bay and I thought it would be funny to do the same with my MND.
Now that we no longer need the marquee we thought that e-Bay would be the perfect channel to sell through.
BJORK is auctioning off her famous swan dress on e-Bay to raise money for Oxfam.
He thinks of her as the E-Bay of the dinosaur crowd.
AN aspiring young Irish actor is aiming for the ultimate sell out by auctioning himself on e-bay
The sale was being run through an e-Bay member profile called 'krasnersbringandbuy'.
A German court has banned a journalist from selling his review copies of books on internet auction site e-bay saying that it breached German price-fixing arrangements.