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the management of materials flow through an organization, from raw materials through to finished goods



(1) A synonym, although somewhat archaic, for the term “mathematical logic.”

(2) The name given to the stage in the development of mathematical logic represented by the works of B. Russell and his school. In ancient mathematics, the “art” of calculation and geometric measurements, which is contrasted to “theoretical” mathematics, was called logistics. G. W. Leibniz used the terms logistica and logica mathematica as synonyms for his calculus ratiocinator—the calculus of inferences—whose ideas have become more completely embodied in modern mathematical logic. The term “logistics” has a number of derivatives, such as logistic method (the method of setting out formal logic by constructing formalized languages) and logistic system (the same as formal system, or calculus).


Church, A. Vvedenie ν matematicheskuiu logiku. Moscow, 1960. (Translated from English.)


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