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Each of these banks has a common set of activities and processes for collecting e-mail addresses, but what is most interesting is the unique strategy and approach that each bank has taken.
They can allow users to maintain their own personal "white list" of legitimate e-mail addresses, maintain a personal "blacklist" of blocked e-mail addresses or access community white lists or blacklists of known SPAMmer e-mail addresses.
Filtering systems "read" mail, check IP addresses, check domain names, check e-mail addresses, look at headers, look for specific text or phrases, use point systems, and so on.
Spidering: The process of harvesting e-mail addresses from Web sites, chat rooms and other Web-based areas.
Since 2001, EResources has been in business with a single purpose, to aggregate, segment, then target and manage OPT-IN e-mail addresses through double OPT-IN technologies.
Williford said that the "coming soon" offer for the proposed e-newsletter, DE2 eXTRA, for professionals using IBM's DB2, allows him to gauge potential interest in such a publication and also to gather the e-mail addresses for people that would like to receive the publication.
Members for whom the AICPA has e-mail addresses automatically will receive the weekly "AICPA News Update" on important professional news and developments as well as be sent the live link for each issue of The CPA Letter immediately after it's posted online.
People who enter their e-mail addresses into the database will be unaware that they are part of the list unless they read the legalese.
the global leader in access infrastructure solutions, appended 98% of its customer database with e-mail addresses by engaging TowerData's business-to-business e-mail append service, and as a result, saved over $100,000 in direct mail costs.
We plan to use EResources, Inc's data base of e-mail addresses and data management technology as the foundation for our patent protected OPT-IN management and distribution ASP," stated Thomas L.
The AICPA does not sell member e-mail addresses to third parties.
Sticky Web plans include offering a platform that combines EResources 195,000,000 global OPT-IN e-mail addresses and data base management technology with its ASP technology.