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Do you have any idea," I stressed to the head teacher, "how many e-numbers I, as a child of the 1970s, devoured?
SUGARY skeletons, Frankenstein-with-flavourings chews, and gummy E-number ghouls - you name the sweet treat, the shops stock it at Halloween.
Irn-Bru, the virulently day-glo drink that's put hairs on the chests of countless lads and lassies north of the border, was under the microscope last week as EU boffins pondered whether to take away the E-numbers that are such a staple of British life.
Carbonated and canned with natural spring water, Little Big Shot relies on natural berry fruits and ingredients to give the body a slow and sustained energy boost without the aid of stimulants such as caffeine and taurine, preservatives or e-numbers.
The Downtown area has the world's tallest building, the world's most impressive fountain next to one of the biggest malls on the planet, in which you'll find some of the world's worst places to eat full of the noisiest, least-disciplined children this side of an e-numbers and tantrums convention.
It has the same effect as a bag of e-numbers laced with cocaine.
A shift toward stripping chemicals such as fertilizers and e-numbers out of the diet may well also be putting pressure on the vitamins and supplements market owing to the unnatural tablet or capsule format of many supplements.
You can enjoy, for example, the Kitchen Lab, where you will discover what chemistry and biology really lies behind the list of ingredients and e-numbers (codes for food additives included on most labels in the EU) on food labels.
It is free from GMO, MSG, allergens and E-numbers and is also suitable for vegans.
Simplicity is the key - there are no additives, no E-numbers," Mr Ord said.
There are no artificial additives or e-numbers and that has made the product a popular choice with school meal organisers since its launch last September.
If this movie were a cake, it would be a massive, colourful one full of E-numbers that looks amazing but will leave you feeling unsatisfied.