electronic paper

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electronic paper

(1) A generic term for an extremely thin flexible display that can be rolled up. There are several technologies in the works, and this type of display is expected to become mainstream by 2015.

The Smartphone in a Pen
This OLED display screen unrolled out of a pen may seem far fetched, but such products are expected to be commercialized in a few years (see OLED). (Image courtesy of Universal Display Corporation, www.universaldisplay.com)

(2) A paper-thin display technology that uses charged black and white elements oriented toward the viewer when a charge is applied and which retain their formation without power. The first electronic paper was developed at Xerox's Palo Alto Research Center (www.parc.com) in the 1970s. It used a thin sheet of Xerox Gyricon plastic, containing millions of charged beads with black and white hemispheres. When the paper was fed through a "printer," a voltage pattern was applied, and the beads were oriented toward their black or white side, or half way for gray. Although the Gyricon Media Inc. subsidiary was created to develop the technology, it never worked well enough to become a product.

Another Approach
In the 1990s, another electronic paper technology was developed at MIT Media Labs that placed the black and white elements inside a microcapsule. E Ink Corporation was created in 1997 to further develop and market the method, and it succeeded (see E Ink).

The First Electronic Paper
Nick Sheridan, who invented the electronic paper at PARC, and Fereshteh Lesani show the first roll of paper produced by 3M. (Image courtesy of Palo Alto Research Center.)

As Sharp as Paper
In 2008, Epson demonstrated a super-high-resolution prototype display using E Ink technology. At 385 dpi, this 13.4" display provides an outstanding 3104 x 4128 pixel resolution. (Image courtesy of Seiko Epson Corporation.)
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LG Display of Korea, for example, plans to introduce an e-Reader which employs a flexible metal foil substrate-based e-paper technology in the second half this year.
For example, a majority of the firm's e-book readers are built with e-paper displays made of Taiwan-based Prime View International Co.
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USPRwire, Sun Nov 15 2015] This market research report includes a detailed segmentation of the global E-paper display market by application (E-book reader, mobile displays, public displays, wearable technology, and retail) and by technology (flat screen, curved screen, bendable screens, and foldable screens).
These characters, shown in e-paper format, change every 20 minutes, so that codes are never the same.
Shaikh Sultan bin Ahmed told Khaleej Times that Sharjah's e-paper disseminates news as events unfold.
27 -- Sony is developing an e-paper smartwatch that would be made completely of electronic paper.
Washington, Oct 08 ( ANI ): Researchers have revealed that electric current sufficient to light a string of LEDs or activate an e-paper display can be generated just by tapping or rubbing simple, flexible generators made of paper, thin sheets of plastic and other everyday materials.