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Gene Hoffman, chief executive officer and chairman at Vindicia, said: "Vindicia's CashBox solution enables audiences to buy BBC content quickly and easily using cash available in their e-wallet, or via other means, such as PayPal or store-bought gift cards.
RTA started the process of moving vehicle registration online from mid-2013 through a series of policy changes and initiatives like no-cash transations and e-wallet.
The placement of the e-wallet application onto a smart phone to be used in conjunction with the Universal Card.
The e-Dirham mobile app provides registered users with a list of features that allows them to issue their own e-wallet credentials inquire about the e-wallet's balance, issue a mini account statement showing transactions by the e-Dirham card, and transfer credit between e-wallet and e-Dirham card.
Cashcloud developed a unique mobile e-wallet application for Apple iOS and Google Android which enables users to settle their payments in an easy, simple and mobile way.
Facebook is reportedly waiting to get the regulatory approval in Ireland for the e-wallet service.
According to a spokesman of British High Commission, applicants would have to use Visa or MasterCard debit or credit cards or e-wallet (Skrill).
Hong Kong, Nov 13, 2013 - (ACN Newswire) - Tradelink Electronic Commerce Limited ("Tradelink") (SEHK Stock Code: 0536) is pleased to announce the launch of its innovative mobile e-wallet, a universal plug-in solution that turns any smartphone or tablet into a mobile payment device.
This will improve the existing service standards and will promote the introduction of new electronic payment services to the Jordanian market such as the e-wallet service which is scheduled to be launched on December 22 by the Central Bank of Jordan (CBJ).
An institutional investor indicated that WP8 has speech recognition (SR), mobile e-wallet, a faster IE 10 (Internet Explorer) browser, multi-core processor compatible with PC and tablet PC, and security upgrades, which are likely to boost market share.
If members do not use the entire denomination, the balance will remain in their e-wallet.
Business models such as top-up or e-voucher have been ran in South America and South Africa with the first generation of MobiPrint and are likely to expand further to ticketing, lottery, e-wallet and many other use cases thanks to MobiPrintA, it was said.