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electronic counter-countermeasures (ECCM)

That division of electronic warfare involving actions taken to ensure friendly, effective use of the electromagnetic spectrum despite the enemy's use of electronic warfare (EW). Also called ECCM.
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Encryption: NSA-certified Type 1, Melp vocoder, serial-tone ECCM, coalition Citadel
The new ECCM waveforms expand the capabilities of the RF-7800V to make it the most technologically advanced VHF radio in the market today.
This single 31 ounce device virtually obsoletes whole families of current bulky (by comparison), frequency band limited, COMSEC or ECCM restricted, radio equipment.
We are receiving a lot of attention from progressive service oriented firms like ECCM and believe this is only the beginning of the move toward Speech recognition in small business, said Bruce Knef, CEO of SpeechSwitch, Inc.
4 kg 5,20, *100 and 400 Watts Waveforms: USB, LSB, CW, Ame Encryption: Embedded ECCM and Comsec Notes: 100 programmable channels, Fed-Std-1054 Ale, * vehicle configurations PRC-2090 Barrett 1.
Eccolite Ultra will run at higher temperatures than conventional syntactic foams, so processors can run their machines faster and cut cycle times," said Jim Teague, VP of Sales & Marketing for ECCM.
Each transceiver has numerous ECCM modes available to defeat enemy-jamming systems in a single compact and lightweight package.
The company has developed a complete 7700 series that will include a VHF manpack with voice and data capabilities, GPS, ECCM and Comsec.
Harris has incorporated the Talon ECCM waveform into two of its tactical radios and Rockwell Collins integrated Harris' Quicklook 1A waveform and the Citadel embedded encryption into its Talon multi-band radios.