Economic Commission for Europe

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Economic Commission for Europe


(ECE), a regional body established in 1947 by the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. Thirty-two European states, including the USSR, the Byelorussian SSR, and the Ukrainian SSR, are members of the ECE, as are the USA and Canada. The tasks of the ECE include the promotion of trade, especially between states with different social systems; long-range economic projections and planning; scientific and technical cooperation; and the study of environmental problems. The commission makes recommendations to its members on matters falling within its competence.

The highest organ of the ECE is the plenary session, which, as a rule, is held once a year. Between sessions, day-to–day work is carried out by subsidiary bodies, such as committees, subcommittees, conferences of experts, and expert groups. The subsidiary bodies deal with specific sectors of the economy. They include the committees on electric power; ferrous metallurgy; steel; coal; gas; the chemical industry; timber; housing, building, and planning; the development of trade; inland transport; and water problems. Other subsidiary bodies are the Senior Economic Advisers to ECE Governments, the Senior Advisers to ECE Governments on Science and Technology, the Senior Advisers to ECE Governments on Environmental Problems, and the Conference of European Statisticians.

The executive organ of the ECE is the Secretariat, which is located in Geneva. The Secretariat publishes the annual Economic Survey of Europe, the quarterly Economic Bulletin for Europe, and various surveys and statistical bulletins on individual sectors of the economy.

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As a partially fat-soluble super-antioxidant, ECE not only can neutralize a great number of oxidative compounds, it can do so for longer periods of time as compared to lesser-ringed polyphenols.
Model ECE-Centers would be established, besides creation of ECE teachers' cadre are also part of the ECED policy, he said.
International evidence (mainly from Europe and the United States) suggests that programmes that combine parent education/support and ECE can raise child outcomes and can be more effective than solely parent-focused or child-focused programmes.
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The powerful ECE series UV flood lamp systems ensure fully cured products and fast cure times resulting in increased manufacturing yields with maximum safety and convenience for process-controlled cures.
CLEP, DSST and ECE exams allow adult learners to receive from three to six college credits from a single exam, depending on the exam and the policies of the chosen college or university.
The ongoing efforts of the ECE Partnership will continue to eradicate the K-12 achievement gap for low income families.
Alexander Otto, youngest son of Werner Otto and ECE CEO: "My father was a real visionary, who was fortunate enough to be able to realize his ideas in good health and with thirst for action and who was often successful in doing so - whether with the otto group, ECE or other activities in the USA.
Access to quality ECE enables a family to make choices about its lifestyle, workforce participation and other activities.
One of the central features of Prof Evans' ECE (Einstein Cartan Evans) theory is that energy could be produced from space-time.
ECE offers nutritional intervention for fibromyalgia, hypertension, sexual and erectile dysfunction, memory enhancement, relaxation and alertness, deep sleep, allergies, asthma and lung disease, cardiovascular health, arthritis, neuropathy, weight loss, increased muscle mass and obesity, Syndrome X, and diabetes.
I believe that this lack of political will to broaden ECE exists because the field continues to position itself to policymakers as an intervention or investment.