European Court of Justice

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European Court of Justice:

see Court of Justice of the European UnionCourt of Justice of the European Union,
judicial institution of the European Union (EU). Located in Luxembourg, it was founded in 1958 as the joint court for the three treaty organizations that were consolidated into the European Community (the predecessor of the EU) in 1967.
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policy; and (4) the ECJ (formerly the Court of Justice of the European
We will vigorously pursue the remaining issues in this case and look forward to getting clarification from the ECJ.
This decision is one of many handed down by the ECJ which govern how businesses operate.
ECJ President Skouris commended Bulgaria on its active use of the Court, especially in respect to interpretation of legislation and equal implementation of rules.
If that's what the ECJ says, we have to agree, said all three Court of Appeal judges in July 2005.
The case in the ECJ also involves the suppliers of such decoder cards to those pubs.
The Advocate General's Opinion is not binding on the ECJ, who will make a ruling on the matter later this year, but the ECJ tends to follow it in 70% of the cases.
It remains to be seen whether the British court will adhere to the advice it asked for and received from the ECJ.
Unite is now calling for the powers of the ECJ to be curbed to allow national governments and national courts to have sovereignty on collective agreements and collective action.
Initially, the ECJ was not focused on direct taxation matters and, indeed, there were only three direct taxation cases heard by the ECJ by the mid-1980s--more than two decades after the ECJ was created.
At the end of the evening, the Council voted 2-1 (two members had recused themselves) in favor of ECJ and its client.
The senior ECJ disagreed, concluding 'there is no likelihood of confusion between the marks', and ordering the US company to pay costs.