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see European Coal and Steel CommunityEuropean Coal and Steel Community
(ECSC), 1st treaty organization of what has become the European Union; established by the Treaty of Paris (1952). It is also known as the Schuman Plan, after the French foreign minister, Robert Schuman, who proposed it in 1950.
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Commenting on the agreement, Ziad Al Labban, Sadara's chief executive officer, says: "This strategic, long-term supply agreement with ECSC is a key step forward in the development of the local oil and gas chemicals market.
The computing cost in key generation are the same; signcryption cost in ours is slightly lower than that in ECSCS while unsigncrption of ECSCS is slightly lower than ours, total resulting an equal computing cost, yet ECSCS proves to be unsuitable for public verifying.
There were considerable differences in the regional concentration of the coal, iron ore, and steel companies within the ECSC countries.
A near- and long-term response to this issue could be the implementation of a leadership mentor program for ECSC.
The ECSC, a coalition of manufacturers, utilities, industry groups and government agencies, was formed to educate Corporate America about the potential cost savings benefits of electrical retrofits and upgrades.
The ECSC was gradually broadened and deepened with additional treaties and agreements, becoming the European Economic Community (EEC or Common Market), which later morphed again into the EC, or European Community, before transforming into the European Union.
The centre worked with Ian Mann and Lucy Alison, of Bradford-based IT consultants ECSC, to attain the standard.
The ECSC is designed to develop adaptive commanders and staff officers for the force who can react to a multitude of situations, based on critical thinking skills and exposure to a range of planning contingencies.
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