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Electronic Design Interchange Format.

Not a programming language, but a format to simplify data transfer between CAD/CAE systems. LISP-like syntax. See also Berkeley EDIF200.

E-mail: <edif-support@cs.man.ac.uk> ftp://edif.cs.man.ac.uk/pub/edif.

["Designer's Guide to EDIF", E. Marx et al, EDN 1987."EDIF Electronic Design Interchange Format Version 200", ANSI/EIA Standard 548].
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The EDIF Self Verification Stamp represents a willingness to work towards an industry goal of improved interoperability of products from different vendors.
EDAC is committed to providing better tool interoperability to our customers and believes that EDIF V3 0 0 is essential.
He pushed exporters to join with EDIF to work for the progress of the economy.
The Acting Chief Executive of EDIF, Agyaben Antwi-Agyei, said that EDIF has the lowest interest rate with the requirement for more exporters to obtain the fund.
64-bit simulation engine supports VHDL, Verilog 2001, EDIF, SystemVerilog
Celoxica's unique C-synthesis tools automatically generate optimized EDIF FPGA netlists from high-level descriptions, turning software into silicon.
The tool produces IEEE compliant RTL descriptions as input to popular ASIC/SoC synthesis flows, and generates gate-level EDIF netlists for high density programmable logic devices.
It offers unrestricted VHDL, Verilog, EDIF or mixed simulation that is capable of executing all Actel implementation tools from the Active-HDL graphical user interface.
In addition Active-HDL provides a Merge Design Files feature, which allows for multiple EDIF netlists to be merged together in the active design.
1 tool extends silicon coverage for direct C-language synthesis of complex algorithms to optimized EDIF netlists.