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/A/. Software Portability Group, U Waterloo. A typeless language derived from (and similar to) B. Provides guaranteed order of evaluation for side effects in expressions. Also character indexing operators.

See also Zed.

["Eh Reference Manual", R.S.C. Braga, RR CS-76-45, U Waterloo, Nov 1976].


The country code for Western Sahara.
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It's impressive how much the people at the plant level care about EHS issues, but if the board is not involved--if this is not a fundamental responsibility--it can lag, and you see a lot of examples of this.
Jane Capewell, one of AK EHS & Risk's principal engineers, says: "Since the beginning in 2001, companies coming into PPC control have had to consider not just the process of applying for a permit to operate under PPC, but also how they will manage on-going compliance, upgrading and eventual closure activities, all as part of the PPC life cycle.
Many companies have decentralized their EHS personnel so that they report to line managers at manufacturing sites, The EHS leader, long responsible for regulatory compliance, is now increasingly involved in championing the company's corporate social responsibility programs.
PharmaCare's increasing size and scale, along with its growing reputation as a provider of full-service solutions with a mail-order pharmacy, specialty pharmacy and PBM services will be significantly enhanced through the combination with EHS, he says.
The studies in this volume report findings using the EHS father study data, which are embedded into the national evaluation.
The preceding requirements are merely a subset of the overall EHS challenges that face a single facility, making multiple facility management a truly daunting task.
Under the terms of the agreement, Dataware will make the Dataware EHS solution available to other organizations in the petrochemical industry with Mobil's technical support.
Moricos extensive industry background and overall reputation within the EHS leadership community brings unique perspectives and capabilities that resonate with our clients and will be critical to our success.
M2 EQUITYBITES-January 28, 2016-Concentric announces nomination for EHS system from a global OEM manufacturer
Raghavan, chief executive officer, EHS, on the sidelines of the Arab Health Congress held at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre from January 26 to 29, 2015.
I am pleased to see that Bapco's well-established and award-winning EHS culture is being extended into the wider community," the minister said.