EL display

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EL display

(ElectroLuminescent display) A flat panel display technology that provides a sharp, clear image and wide viewing angle. It contains a thin film phosphor layer sandwiched between an x-axis and a y-axis panel. When an x-y coordinate is charged, the phosphor in that vicinity emits visible light. The phosphors are more like semiconductor materials than those used in a CRT. Most EL displays are monochrome, typically yellow orange.

Active matrix EL is an advanced EL technology that uses a transistor at each pixel. It is used to make small head mounted displays (HMDs) that require very sharp images.

For Demanding Applications
Although some of the first portable computers used EL displays, they are mostly used in instrumentation for rugged military, transportation and industrial applications. EL screens range from 3/4" to 10" and larger, but are more cost effective in the smaller sizes. Planar Systems is the leader in this field.

Electroluminescent Technology
EL displays contain a powdered or thin film phosphor layer sandwiched between x- and y-axis panels. When an x-y coordinate is charged, the phosphor in that vicinity emits visible light. (Redrawn from diagram courtesy of Planar Systems, Inc., www.planar.com)

Heavy-Duty Uses
EL displays are used in rugged, heavy-duty applications such as the computer screen in this tractor-trailer. (Image courtesy of Planar Systems, Inc., www.planar.com)
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Sanyo attributed the poor performance to decreased sales of products such as air conditioners, laundry machines and semiconductors, adding that the costs for withdrawing from the organic EL display business also weighed on the company.
The latest model in the series of CLIE PDAs is the first Sony product equipped with an organic EL display.
The see-through type organic EL display for mobile applications has a field angle of 2.
NW-E100 Series NW-E400 Series NW-E500 Series 256MB NW-E103 NW-E403 NW-E503 512MB NW-E105 NW-E405 NW-E505 1GB NW-E107 NW-E407 NW-E507 Key - 70 hours - 50 hours - 50 hours Features Playback(2) Playback(2) playback(2) - Backlit LCD - Super High Speed - Super High Display Charge Speed Charge - ATRAC3plus/MP3 - 3-line Organic EL - 3-line Organic playback Display EL Display - ATRAC3plus/MP3 - ATRAC3plus/MP3 playback playback - Time/Calendar - FM digital Indication tuner - Time/Calendar Indication Available Frosty Silver Midnight Black Sparkling Silver Colours Velvet Red Ocean Blue Azure Blue Jumping Orange Rose Red Cherry Pink Aquatic Blue Olive Green Premium Gold Icy White Cosmetic Pink
Organic EL display panels consume less electricity and offer greater resolution than liquid crystal displays, which are used for computer screens and mobile phone displays.
A new compact MACO 4500 with flat-panel EL display will be introduced by Barber-Colman Co.
The consumer electronics giant plans to begin mass-producing the 13-inch organic EL display panel, which is for use as television and computer displays, in 2003.
On the hardware side, Hunkar has introduced a new Smart Box stand-alone machine controller/monitor with touch-screen EL display.
The EL display is monochrome because flat-panel color displays are still too expensive, the company says.
The VMC-SmartDisplay[TM] will combine Planar's EL display technology, which has more than 25 years of proven durability in harsh conditions, with embedded software and a microprocessor to interface with a vehicle's data bus and analog sensors.