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As part of the solution, ENTA created a Patient Rapid Response Center (PRRC) with a dedicated staff of 70+ representatives ready to fulfill the Practices Call Us Today, See Us Today pledge.
Physicians in many of the ENTA offices are now trained to administer the OralCDx([R]) BrushTest([R] )to detect unhealthy cells before they can cause any harm, creating the potential to place oral cancer on the short list of preventable cancers such as skin, colon and cervical cancer.
Complementing efforts undertaken by the Oral Cancer Foundation to raise awareness of the rising incidence of oral cancer, ENTA is educating the community on the rising incidence of cancers of the oral cavity.
Thanks to the seamless health forms integration between Intuit Health's patient portal and NextGen's electronic medical record system, physicians at ENT and Allergy Associates, or ENTA, can now quickly and easily view patients' complete and accurate online medical history before their appointment.
2million, and a subsequent letting to ENTA has been agreed.
After it has been checked and cleaned by Secure IT it is passed to ENTA CIC, a local training provider that works in some of Birmingham's most disadvantaged wards and provides training to equip people to enter employment or further development.