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Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

A governmental agency whose mission is to protect the natural environment by enacting and enforcing regulations concerning conditions that could otherwise adversely affect public health, such as the release of pollutants.
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The safe disposal requirements went into effect in 1993, so scrap recycling companies with "institutional memory or scrap veterans on staff have probably become familiar with what the EPA requires.
I would quickly introduce legislation to amend the Clean Air Act to give the EPA the authority,'' Boxer said in a statement.
This week, an agency statement said, "Once the digitization effort is completed, there will be greater access to EPA collections for both EPA employees and the public.
We urge EPA to stick with their proposal not to require such notification.
Credit for "qualified fuel cell motor vehicles": EPA '05 Section 1341(a) creates a new credit (Sec.
Beyond Pesticides Director Jay Feldman is critical of the EPA action.
The most important EPA official in shaping Clear Skies was Jeff Holmstead, a Bush appointee and head of the agency's Office for Air and Radiation.
EPA Deputy Administrator Linda Fisher discussed this draft in a May 2002 presentation entitled "Proposal for Chemical Security Legislation," according to the documents.
Session 8 on Innovative Legislation and Regulations will be moderated by Pam Swingle, EPA Region IV.
The article explains that EPA has jurisdiction over such products under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA-7 USC Sections 136-136y).
The EPA was sued for failing to comply with the 1990 Clean Air Act, and a federal judge ordered the agency to propose standards for medical waste incinerators by February 1, 1995, with final standards in place by April 1, 1996.