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Despite compliance requirements, EPCS is an overall time-saver that is here to stay.
When users wish to prescribe a controlled substance, they present their OTP credential, which is authenticated by ProviderPass prior to allowing access to the EPCS function.
Imprivata is working closely with prescribers across the state to understand both the DEA and I-STOP requirements for EPCS.
As a result, despite the potentially significant advantages, EPCS has not yet been widely adopted by prescribers.
EPCS designed Venture's new cooling system so that in cold weather the molds can be cooled without using the chillers.
The Malvern EPCS laser diffraction system can be successfully used with dry-powder process streams driven by positive or negative pneumatics or gravity-feed.
Its ePrescribing order entry and pharmacy interface system is now in an exclusive group of only a handful of EPCS certified providers.
Implementing EPCS requires software certification from Surescripts and the federal Drug Enforcement Administration.
The Certification Process developed by iBeta in accordance with the DEA regulations governing EPCS, builds on iBeta's current procedures and processes that have been audited by both NVLAP and the DEA.
This award is in addition to the initial order for 10 EPCS modernized aircraft, which was received in February 2011, the company said.
Yet, for Klaus-Heiner Lehne, the value of the EPCS is obvious.