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resistance welding

A group of welding processes in which coalescence is produced by the heat obtained from resistance of the work to the flow of electric current in a circuit of which the work is a part, and by the application of pressure.
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ERW Joinery is keen to invest in the next generation, with apprentices having their training secured
The Japanese contribution will enable UNMAS Palestine to complete its clearance tasks and to mitigate the impact of ERW during and in the aftermath of a future escalation of hostilities.
Estyn noted an improvement in the reports it receives from ERW, which had shown weaknesses in past years, and praised its "strong quality assurance processes".
The MMP dolphins are trained to locate underwater ERW using their biological sonar capabilities.
The white noise is transmitted through the diffusers and can be used to mask unwanted noise or conversation originating outside the open ERWs.
UNRWA has been providing training on how to recognize, demarcate and signal the presence of ERW safely.
The team, which forms part of RPS Energy's global operational support group, is also assisting a number of other clients in their contract areas to assess the threat that ERW may pose to their operations.
This sense of 'social responsibility' and poverty drives people to 'remove' ERW by hand and to interact with ERW in ways we never would.
market share leader in welded ("ERW") oil country tubular goods ("OCTG") and line pipe; Prudential Steel, a Canadian market share leader in ERW OCTG and line pipe; and Texas Arai, a North American market share leader in API couplings.
Both ERW and UWTSD have a track record of working together and their partnership has now been extended to include all schools in the region, many of which already engage in a range of programmes.
The data indicates that the incidents of pressure-controlled ruptures at low stresses were substantially dominated by those in ERW seams, and a majority of those cases were associated with selective seam weld corrosion.
These rating strengths are partially offset by Jindal Pipes' exposure to the intense competition in the ERW pipe segment, resulting in low profitability.