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Frank Bridges (UCSC) focused on metrological aspects of EXAFS and comparisons of this method with other techniques.
This is a powerful local-structure probe complementary to EXAFS which measures electronic structure (i.
Recently, this software was extended to incorporate element-specific EXAFS in a combined fit with otherwise chemically unresolved total scattering data; this development was a result of the NIST-ISIS collaboration.
The study would involve total scattering PDF, small-angle scattering, EXAFS, and TEM/STEM.
Crozier, EXAFS with Synchrotron Radiation, in EXAFS Spectroscopy, B.
CSRF recent publications include reports on new instrumental and technique developments[8-11], many NEXAFS and EXAFS studies of surfaces and solids[12-18], polymer and multi-layer studies[19-21], high-resolution photoelectron studies of surfaces[22-24], and high-resolution spectroscopy (photoelectron, photoionization, photoabsorption and Auger) of gas phase molecules[25-30], Table 4.
The Fourier analysis of the EXAFS oscillations, Fig.
Several CSRF users have been obtaining the Si K edge EXAFS from the DCM beamline to obtain the local structure of Si in various types of amorphous and porous Si; and also the degree of intermixing in strained layer [(Si.
However, the different phase shifts and amplitudes of the EXAFS oscillations for Si-Si and Si-Ge enable estimates of the number of Si and Ge neighbors about the Si and Ge in the superlattices[14], i.
Fast-scan EXAFS, dispersive-EXAFS and time-resolved powder diffractometry provide information about structural evolution on a millisecond time scale.
For example, a large number of scientists from diverse areas are involved in structural studies: from crystallographic studies of proteins, polymers, catalysts and solid state phase transitions; to EXAFS studies of semiconductors, glasses, metals, minerals, superlattices, and interfaces.
In the hard x-ray region (energies above 5000 eV), Daryl Crozier (SFU) operates a crystall monochromator beamline at SSRL for diffraction and EXAFS studies.