Eagle Pass

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Eagle Pass,

city (1990 pop. 20,651), seat of Maverick co., W Tex., a port of entry on the Rio Grande opposite Piedras Negras, Mexico; inc. 1918. Linked by highway with Mexico City, it is a tourist center and a shipping and processing point for cattle, wheat, pecans, and oats. Mineral processing (especially oil and gas) and international trade are also important, but drug smuggling has been a problem in recent years. The site of a U.S. army camp during the Mexican War, it was on an important route to California during the gold rush. Fort Duncan (1849) was a base for actions against Mexicans and Native Americans, including the 1855 burning of Piedras Negras; it also housed U.S. troops during the Villa revolution in Mexico just before World War I.
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In early July, Mossberg announced the completion of a major expansion at the company's Maverick Arms facility in Eagle Pass, Texas.
The city is located across the Rio Grande river from Eagle Pass, Texas.
Highway 83, just a short drive from Carrizo Springs, Uvalde, Eagle Pass, Big Wells and Cotulla.
Federal, state and local police, as well as the Mexican army, were deployed to roads and highways near the correctional facility in Piedras Negras, a town bordering the Texas town of Eagle Pass, to look for those who fled.
The most populous such place is Eagle Pass, Texas, with 26,401 residents.
However, the Mexican consulate in Eagle Pass, Texas, wrote a series of letters to U.
SEVERE weather slammed Eagle Pass, Texas, on April 24, as tornadoes moved into the town, obliterated an elementary school, destroyed properties and homes, and killed seven people.
Five of the dead were members of one family in a mobile home in Eagle Pass, Texas.
RenCare currently operates seven dialysis centers in San Antonio and Eagle Pass, Texas, and three more treatment centers will be opened under the USRC banner in San Antonio by early summer.
Some relatives prayed with priests and pastors who joined them at the entrance to the mine, near the town of San Juan de Sabinas, 85 miles south west of Eagle Pass, Texas.
West Texas Gas and Compania Nacional de Gas (Conagas) will replace their border crossing pipelines transporting natural gas from Eagle Pass, Texas to Piedras Negras in northern Mexico.
San Marcos, Texas, for 115 eighth grade students from Brownsville, Elsa, Laredo, Eagle Pass and El Paso, Texas.

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