Derby, Edward George Geoffrey Smith Stanley, 14th earl of

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Derby, Edward George Geoffrey Smith Stanley, 14th earl of

(där`bē), 1799–1869, British statesman. Although a Whig, he entered (1827) government as George Canning's undersecretary for the colonies. As chief secretary for Ireland (1830–33) under the 2d Earl Grey, he favored firm measures to deal with Irish unrest, but he also supported Irish educational projects. Given the colonial office in 1833, he secured the abolition of slavery but resigned (1834) in a controversy over the government's Irish policy. Having become a Conservative, he served as Peel's colonial secretary (1841–45). Resigning because he opposed repeal of the corn laws, he became leader (with Lord George Bentinck and Benjamin DisraeliDisraeli, Benjamin, 1st earl of Beaconsfield
, 1804–81, British statesman and author. He is regarded as the founder of the modern Conservative party.
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) of the Tory protectionists and headed two brief ministries (1852, 1858–59). Derby formed another government in 1866 with Disraeli as chancellor of the exchequer and leader in the House of Commons. Through Disraeli's initiative and skill the famous Reform Act of 1867 (see under Reform ActsReform Acts
or Reform Bills,
in British history, name given to three major measures that liberalized representation in Parliament in the 19th cent. Representation of the counties and boroughs in the House of Commons had not, except for the effects of parliamentary
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) was passed. Derby never quite fulfilled the promise of his early brilliance; it was his lieutenant, Disraeli, who modernized the Conservative party in this era.


See biography by A. Hawkins (2 vol., 2007–8); studies by W. D. Jones (1956) and R. Stewart (1971).

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The local branch of the society was to hold a flag day to help swell the coffers while Lady Derby, wife of Red Cross president the Earl of Derby, was to hold a charity tea at the Adelphi Hotel.
In addition to bearing the names of all the Classic's winners dating back to 1779, it is topped with the first winner, Bridget, owned by the 12th Earl of Derby.
The pub, which dates from 1251, is supposedly haunted by the Seventh Earl of Derby, James Stanley, who was beheaded in 1651.
The assassination of Shakespeare's patron; investigating the death of the Fifth Earl of Derby, 2d ed.
He was training horses for the Earl of Derby, who is very anti drugs.
Known by friends as Teddy, he became the 19th Earl of Derby after the death of his uncle in 1994.
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Secondly, the presence in the adjoining drawing room of one of the most celebrated masterpieces of English cabinetmaking, the commode made for the 12th Earl of Derby by Ince and Mayhew in 1775 to a design by Robert Adam, suggested the decorative vocabulary, notably the acanthus border around the edge of the table top.