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Head Start,

U.S. educational program for disadvantaged preschool children, established under the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964. Aimed initially only at poor children, its purpose was to organize programs that would prepare preschool children for elementary school. Money was appropriated through the Office of Economic Opportunity, which made individual grants to cities and other localities to set up Head Start centers. In 1969 the program was transferred to the Dept. of Health, Education and Welfare (now Health and Human Services). It was later extended to children above the poverty level, whose parents, however, had to pay according to their income.
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Early Head Start also provides education in health and safety, nutrition and family counseling.
Consistent with the recommendations outlined in the Head Start Bureau's Early Head Start Evaluation Summary (U.
Evaluation of the teenage clients' attitudes was conducted through the use of a survey provided to the clients by a social worker assigned through Early Head Start.
It is important to characterize the opportunities fathers had to become involved in Early Head Start programs.
Additionally, the toddlers attend an enhanced Early Head Start program at the Bethune Head Start Center.
They suggest the Early Head Start researchers were virtually ignored and Friedman was at a disadvantage.
Early Head Start provides high-quality child and family development services to pregnant women and to infants and toddlers from birth to age three.
Perhaps we confuse ourselves with the bewildering range of labels that we use when we talk about the services that we provide or should be providing for the young: Head Start, Early Head Start, childcare, daycare, early childhood education, and so on.
1 billion in Head Start and Early Head Start, expanding these programs to reach an additional 61,000 children and families.
She was previously at the Worcester Community Action Council, where she worked for 13 years starting as the director of Head Start and Early Head Start and moving up to director of early childhood and family service programs.
The researchers examined data on children as they aged from 1 to 3 and their mothers who participated in the National Early Head Start Research and Evaluation study.
If he were here, maybe on a campaign swing, Lyndon Johnson would be pleased to hear that an Early Head Start program is coming to Lane County.

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