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Victorian architecture

1. The Revival and Eclectic architecture in 19th century Great Britain, named after the reign of Queen Victoria (1837–1901); also its American counterpart. Many architectural historians avoid the term Victorian architecture, considering the adjective “Victorian” merely as descriptive of an age that encompassed a number of specific exuberant, ornate, and highly decorative architectural styles.
2. A loose term that sometimes covers three picturesque phases of architecture in America: Early Victorian (1840–1860), High Victorian (1860–1880), and Late Victorian (1880– 1890) and beyond; the adjective “Victorian” is descriptive of an age that encompassed a number of specific exuberant, ornate, and highly decorative architectural styles, such as High Victorian Italianate (1860–1885), High Victorian Gothic (1860–1890), Second Empire style (1855– 1890), Stick style (1860–1885), Shingle style (1880–1890), Victorian Romanesque (1870– 1900), Gingerbread Folk architecture (1870– 1910), and Queen Anne style (1870–1910). The adjectives Victorian or High Victorian are sometimes applied to Gothic Revival and Italianate style to indicate their later, more detailed, and more elaborate phases.
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Unlike critics who fault Martineau for failing to represent either historical verisimilitude or feminist possibilities for change, Roberts shows how Deerbrook's "clinical perspective" (65) and The Hour and the Man's "description of Toussaint's crisis of identity and cultural dislocation" (89) actively disrupt early Victorian "middle-class ideological norms" (60).
Hook in Early Victorian Leeds: Church Life in a Nonconformist Town, 1836-1851.
In The Dream, Ashton's brilliant distillation of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, set in the early Victorian period of Mendelssohn's incidental music, Julie Kent and Amanda McKerrow brought much of the wayward majesty needed to the role of Titania, if not all of the diamond-sharp footwork, and Kent was especially melting in the final reconciliation pas de deux.
Woolley balances this complex biography with details of the shifting social, intellectual, and technological influences that defined the early Victorian Age.
He vowed to rebuild the early Victorian property, set on 20 acres, at a cost of over half a million euros.
It also shows that an early Victorian can overcome the culture shock of British, India, and that it is possible to adjust to local religious and cultural practices and government obstacles without accepting them.
Bysshe Shelley (and his early Victorian publishers), Charles Dickens,
Few may notice, for instance, that the main elevation of the 1988 Sainsbury's superstore in Camden Town is divided vertically to reflect the party walls of the early Victorian houses opposite: but that subtlety is present.
The achievement of Christopher Hamlin's masterly new study of Chadwick and the early Victorian public health movement is that he has not just produced a revisionist history, he has produced a new framework around which the history of nineteenth-century public health will have to be constructed from now on.
This public health movement, as it is usually called, took its origins in early Victorian Britain under the leadership of the bureaucrat Edwin Chadwick, and by the end of the century his program for urban renewal had been largely adopted in England and abroad.
His portrayal of early Victorian London, from what I understand, was not only accurate but a little understated,'' Stewart said.
He virtually ruled racing in the early Victorian era, and his efforts to institute reforms and stamp out the corruption which pervaded the sport prompted Benjamin Disraeli to call him "The Lord Paramount of the British Turf".

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