East Berlin

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East Berlin:

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, city (1994 pop. 3,475,400), capital of Germany, coextensive with Berlin state (341 sq mi/883 sq km), NE Germany, on the Spree and Havel rivers. Formerly divided into East Berlin (156 sq mi/404 sq km) and West Berlin (185 sq mi/479 sq km), the city was reunified along
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East Berlin

(formerly) the part of Berlin under East German control
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There were two subplots surrounding Armstrong's East Berlin concert, which I want to dwell on here.
The trip gave the students a picture of the prosperous West Berliners contrasted with the grim lives of those in communist East Berlin.
Voting patterns in east Berlin and eastern Germany are different, there is still an east-west income and wealth gap, and unemployment is nearly twice as high in the east.
And while Asian staples and delicacies were available at a steep price in West Berlin, inhabitants of communistcontrolled East Berlin and much of eastern Germany had to line up for the most basic needs.
The concrete and barbed wire structure, reaching up to 15 feet in some areas, ran for 96 miles, cutting off Communist East Berlin from West Berlin and the rest of democratic Europe for nearly three decades.
Unfortunately, Berlin, which was also divided -- with West Berlin controlled by the Allies and East Berlin controlled by the Soviets -- lay within Soviet-controlled East Germany.
This collection includes Get Yourself Home Skyler James, which follows the journey of a young lesbian who leaves the army after being outed by her fellow soldiers; Peter Fechter: 59 Minutes, which chronicles the last hour in the life of a teenager in East Berlin in 1962, who is shot while trying to cross the Berlin Wall; and rihannaboi95, which focuses on a Toronto teen whose world comes crashing down when YouTube videos of him dancing to songs by his favourite pop heroine go viral.
McGovern must travel to East Berlin to uncover the truth, in this taut and intricate period piece, enthusiastically recommended for fans of mystery and suspense.
The museum, the oldest of its type, also houses the late Dame Barbara Cartland's bear, named The Prince of Love, and a German Hermann bear collected from East Berlin the year before the wall came down.
As an intimate description of the life and times of Annemarie Cronin, Escape From East Berlin details the destruction of her hometown by Allied bombing, the discovery of her brother Karl having been sent to a Siberian work camp, through the daily struggle to survive, to her gradually creating a reputation in the north of Africa as a singer, which in turn led to her marriage of Tom Cronin, a U.
And east Berlin is a far cry from the bleak district you'd expect.

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