East Cape

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East Cape:

see Cape DezhnevCape Dezhnev
or East Cape,
northeasternmost point of Asia, Russian Far East, on Chukchi Peninsula and on the Bering Strait. It is named after Semyon Dezhnev, the Russian navigator who explored it in 1648.
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, Russia.

East Cape

1. the easternmost point of New Guinea, on Milne Bay
2. the easternmost point of New Zealand, on North Island
3. the former name for Cape Dezhnev
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CLAIMS that a private company plans to carry out open-cast land mining on the East Cape have sparked concern among Gisborne environmentalists.
The Glebe is already linked with a school on the East Cape of Africa, which provided the catalyst for a fundraising activity last year.
FRIENDS: Gateshead council leader Mick Henry and East Cape Premier Mrs Nosimo Balindlela sign the agreement.
Robin Hewitt on Yoke was reporting east-north-easterlies of 30 to 35 knots and with the first six boats still within four nautical miles of each other as they prepared to round South East Cape.
The other firm, East Cape Safaris, offer animals including baboons, zebra, ostrich and even porcupines.
Prizes include trips to the East Cape, Mazatlan and Alaska, rods and reels, and a Toyota Tundra for the heaviest halibut over 53 pounds.
ACF works with Conservation Melanesia in the Collingwood Bay area of Oro province; with Alotau Environment Ltd on East Cape and the surrounding islands; with CELCOR, the Centre for Environmental Law and Community Rights, a legal service based in Port Moresby; and with the Eco Forestry Forum, a coalition concerned primarily with logging and corruption issues.
From your fine accommodations in Cabo, you take a side trip to tackle adventure activities, or drive north a few hours to the less developed East Cape region and see what Cabo was like 15 or 20 years ago.
As well as enjoying her studies, Emma-Jae was a keen swimmer who represented South Africa's East Cape Province - where the family lived before moving to Bridgend three years ago.
Best bet at the day's other all-weather Flat meeting, at Southwell, appears to be the rejuvenated East Cape (3.
Alexandria Farmers' Association Chair man Morrice Lavin told the East Cape News that there was very little food left in the pastures, and nearby farms are going on the auction block.

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