East End

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East End

the. a densely populated part of E London containing former industrial and dock areas

East End


the eastern, industrial section of London adjacent to the port.

The principal industries of the East End are machinery, clothing, furniture, and food. The district is conspicuous for its high level of population congestion.

east end

The end of a church where the principal altar is placed; so called because medieval churches almost invariably had their sanctuaries at the east end and the main doors at the west end.
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With Turnage's typically muscular fusion of classical and jazz influences - and a hard-hitting libretto adapted from Steven Berkoff's verse play of the same name - the opera is a version of the Oedipus story, relocated to the East End of London.
After going to Dunston Hill Juniors, Mel, 37, moved with her dad Jimmy Dutton to Bow, in the East End of London, at the age of 11.
Despite its popularity David has his sights set on a chain of pie-and-mash cafes in a bid to create a franchise of eateries which would sell his "favourite grub" - a traditional dish served in the East End of London.
Originally from the East End of London, Mary started supporting the Blues when she became the landlady of a popular pub in Birmingham city centre.
The race commemorated the local handler's MBE, received on Wednesday from Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace, although unlike Charlie Lister's OBE for his greyhound feats, this was for services to charity and to the community in the east end of London.
He was raised in the East End of London and left school without qualifications as he suffered from dyslexia.
KEVIN MITCHELL insists his beloved West Ham's return to the big time will inspire him to beat Ricky Burns and bring the WBO title back to the east end of London.
The Paralympic Games will be held at venues around the city and in the east end of London, with a Paralympic Route Network (PRN) in operation to keep traffic flowing.
Being part of Seb's (Sebastian Coe, chairman of the London 2012 Organising Committee) team that has brought this amazing event to the East End of London where I'm from, I'm very proud of that.
Sassoon said: "I've been around the hairdressing world for 63 years, I was 14 and an apprentice in the east end of London.
Millions of viewers tuned into the series about nursing nuns in the east end of London which featured stars Miranda Hart, Jenny Agutter and Pam Ferris.
It's an Olympics in the east end of London, where I grew up, and I am excited about, hopefully, being involved.

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