East Germany

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East Germany:

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, Ger. Deutschland, officially Federal Republic of Germany, republic (2005 est. pop. 82,431,000), 137,699 sq mi (356,733 sq km). Located in the center of Europe, it borders the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and France on the west; Switzerland and Austria on
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East Germany

a former republic in N central Europe: established in 1949 and declared a sovereign state by the Soviet Union in 1954; Communist regime replaced by a multiparty democracy in 1989; reunited with West Germany in 1990
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Communist East Germany on Friday permanently lifted travel restrictions on its citizens, and workers began punching a hole in the Berlin Wall that for 28 years separated families and divided East and West.
That was supposed to happen on November 10, but by now East Germany was a place of chaos and confusion and, with thousands of East Germans massing at the checkpoint and thousands of West Germans waiting to greet them, the inevitable could not be delayed.
Born in the eastern state of Thuringia in 1922, Bahr was instrumental in West Germany's efforts to improve ties with the Soviet Union, East Germany and other Warsaw Pact states.
The forced labor involved criminal and political prisoners in the former East Germany between 25 and 30 years ago.
In communist East Germany, the top concern among ordinary residents was day-to-day survival in a nation of shortages.
Technological progress was an ideal in East Germany during the Cold War.
SSI served Hosni Mubarak much as the Stasi served the commissars of East Germany, and as in many a communist state, even the leader was not exempt from surveillance.
The tour was the third undertaken by the consulate, whose district encompasses German states that were once part of East Germany and had been subjected to four decades of virulent anti-American propaganda during the Cold War.
He had one refrigerated truck, a small refrigerated warehouse and one of only a very few private businesses in East Germany.
I didn't grow up in East Germany and didn't know how it felt to always be on guard like that, to always be mistrustful of other people.
Merkel is herself the daughter of a Protestant pastor and, like Gauck, grew up in the former East Germany.
One major difference, however, is that workplace computerisation was lower in East Germany than in West Germany, although the East did catch up during the 1990s.

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