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East Indies,

name formerly used for the Malay ArchipelagoMalay Archipelago,
great island group of SE Asia, formerly called the East Indies. Lying between the Asian mainland and Australia, and separating the Pacific Ocean from the Indian Ocean, it includes Brunei, Indonesia, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, East Timor, and E Malaysia.
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, but also more restrictively for Indonesia and more widely to include SE Asia. It once referred chiefly to India.

East Indies


the term previously used with reference to India and several other countries in South and Southeast Asia. It originated as the antonym of the term “West Indies,” after Europeans traveling east from Europe reached the shores of the Hindustan Peninsula. At that time, Europeans believed the Caribbean islands discovered by Columbus to be India (or the Indies).

For a long time the term “East Indies” continued to be used in connection with the colonial activities of the British East India Company, the Dutch East India Company, the French East India Company, and the India Company, which replaced the French company.

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Had he been able to carry out his deadly plans, he might have become the first East Indian mass killer in U.
The survey, conducted by researchers at Group Health (a large healthcare system in the Pacific Northwest) and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, Washington, consisted of a diverse group of women, including whites, blacks, Hawaiian/Pacific Islanders, women of mixed ethnicity, Vietnamese, Filipinos, Japanese, East Indians, Chinese, and other Asians.
A TOP North East Indian restaurant was singled out in the 2015 Curry Life Business Achievement Awards.
This special edition is a modern version of the original model and includes a European spruce top with Martin's Vintage Tone System (VTS) and 3-piece East Indian rosewood back and sides.
Drawing upon Latin rhythms, East Indian musical traditions, Native American pow wow, West African and Caribbean stylings, contemporary jazz and much more, Beyond Borders is a holistic sensation, especially recommended for gift-giving and public library music collections.
In the 19th century, thus were created two abiding categories--the East Indian and the creole--culturally mediated and diametrically opposed to each other.
Incidentally the clock was presented by the East Indian Company to the Emperor of China so a long way from home
now announces its free iPhone game East Indian Tycoon is live on the iTunes App store.
Uttar Pradesh and Bihar are the main source of the East Indian stock which was brought here from India between 1845 and 1917 to work on the sugar plantations.
Russia is completing two nuclear reactors at Kudankulam NPP in south Indian state Tamil Nadu and is to build six more, including in Haripur in east Indian state West Bengal, according to a report of the Press Trust of India.
Most vociferous among the 80,000 families are 7,000 original property-owning inhabitants, with 400 families belonging to the East Indian community.
Despite numerous difficulties and disasters (including 26 years out of contact with Denmark), Leyel managed to turn the company's East Indian operation from a near failure into a thriving commercial enterprise.

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