East Los Angeles

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East Los Angeles,

uninc. city (1990 pop. 126,379), Los Angeles co., S Calif., a residential suburb of Los Angeles, in an industrial area. It has a large Mexican-American population. There is a performing arts center and a cultural center. A junior college is there.
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East Los Angeles has been an ATM machine for the rest of the county," said Gonzales, president of East Los Angeles Residents Association.
East Los Angeles College students have the option of majoring in Chicano Studies or taking courses that fulfill university general education transfer requirements in the Humanities.
Neighborhood Council for Lincoln Heights, a primarily poor and working-class Latino neighborhood in East Los Angeles, noted: "I feel like it's a time bomb waiting to happen, and we're going to get caught in the middle.
So Escalante established a program at East Los Angeles College where students could take these classes in intensive seven-week summer sessions.
Bienvenidos Community Health Center in East Los Angeles hosts health fair to celebrate launch of new clinic
com) tells the story of the grassroots effort being undertaken in East Los Angeles to create a college-going culture and bootstrap the community into the middle class.
As a banker located in East Los Angeles that works daily to eliminate the unbanked I can attest first-hand to the benefits that such a program can bring.
Thousands gathered in East Los Angeles for one of the largest celebrations of its kind in the United States.
Led by a veteran SBA lending team, Pan American Bank looks to serve the predominantly Spanish-speaking small business community of East Los Angeles and the greater Los Angeles and Orange counties.
Finally, in the overwhelmingly Latino East Los Angeles, the mayor was charismatic, shedding his jacket, rolling up his sleeves and speaking both English and Spanish as he demonstrated himself one of them, a product of their culture.
com) Pan American Bank documents for the White House the grassroots effort being undertaken to bootstrap East Los Angeles into the middle class - despite the economic conditions.
Speaking in East Los Angeles at the fourth and final town-hall meeting to market his plan to gain more control over the Los Angeles Unified School District, the mayor said before he took the stage that ending his tour at the all-girls Sacred Heart High School was meaningful to him because both his mother and sister attended the school and he represented the area, whose residents he greeted with a simple buenas noches.

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