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Petroleum products company Sprague Resources LP (NYSE:SRLP) revealed on Monday the completion of the acquisition of the refined product terminal asset in East Providence, RI for USD23m in cash, plus payments for other customary items.
The plant services East Providence, Pawtucket, Central Falls, Smithfield, Cumberland and Lincoln, he said, so the fetus could have come from any of those communities.
These will include funding a portion of the design, development and construction of its planned second production plant in Europe or Asia after completion of its third production line at its facility in East Providence, RI.
Erin Gilliatt, Executive Director of Boys & Girls Club of East Providence, said, “We are thrilled that Saint-Gobain's grant has enabled us to incorporate more formal environmental education into our summer camp programs.
The license imposes new conditions and allows the company to continue and expand its construction and demolition debris processing facility at One Dexter Road in the Rumford section of East Providence.
We are excited to open Proform's new East Providence facility, where we will showcase our technical metal injection molding expertise," Peter C.
United Water, a US-based water and wastewater services provider, has signed a contact with the City of East Providence, RI.
with three other outlets planned for Cranston, RT, by summer and East Providence and Providence this fall.
The limited-assortment grocer plans to open a store in Cranston by summer and then stores in East Providence and Providence by autumn.
Xstrata Recycling operates precious metal sampling facilities in East Providence, R.
Growing up in East Providence in the '60s was not easy for teenage Jono Riley and his friends.
The shopping centers are all located along the Northeast corridor: One in Bensalem, Philadelphia, one in Dickson City, Scranton, two in Manchester, CT, and one in East Providence, Rhode Island.

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