East River

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East River,

tidal strait, 16 mi (26 km) long and 600–4,000 ft (183–1,219 m) wide, connecting Upper New York Bay and Long Island Sound, New York City, and separating the boroughs of Manhattan and the Bronx from Brooklyn and Queens. The East River is linked with the Hudson River at the northern end of Manhattan island by the Harlem River. Roosevelt (formerly Welfare), Wards, Randalls, Rikers, North Brother, and South Brother islands, all located in the East River, have city institutions, parks, and recreation areas. Roosevelt Island was developed as a residential area in the early 1970s. Hell Gate, at the junction of the Harlem and East rivers, was named for its treacherous currents and rocky reefs (now removed). Eight bridges, including the historic Brooklyn Bridge, span the river; subway, railroad, and vehicular tunnels pass beneath it.
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Bradley Silverbush, a member of Rosenberg & Estis who was the lead attorney on the case for East River Housing Corp, said the decision is standout because the judge found that an Executive Law that has previously protected state offices from fee awards did not apply.
Amtrak engineers are working with expert consultants on designs to rehabilitate the two damaged tubes of the East River tunnel and will coordinate with other agencies to minimize
TRAGEDY JTourist victim Sonia, and, inset, pilot Paul Dud;ey SCENEJ Ditched helicopter is lifted out of New York's East River on Tuesday
My great great grandmother, inexplicably, emigrated from New York to Dundee - she surely got on the wrong boat - and now I'm returning to the East River, at least over the radio airwaves.
Unfortunately, while most Americans go about their lives, the schemers on the East River have patiently built an organization that looks more and more like a world government.
A dense fog over the East River in Massachusetts helped Washington's army escape from a British trap.
That's right, the East River, in this case embodied by the orchestra pit, which has been filled with 11,000 gallons of water.
On Tuesday, a sightseeing helicopter crashed into the East River.
As it approached the East River the F4U commenced a right turn and then dived toward the river.
Mike Rounds and local community leaders today joined officials from NextEra Energy Resources, the largest wind and solar energy producer in North America, Basin Electric Power Cooperative, Western Area Power Administration and East River Electric Power Cooperative to dedicate the Day County Wind Energy Center.
com)-- East River Partners, LLC announced today that the sale of condo units at the newly renovated building at 364 Union Street in Brooklyn, has ended quickly with a highly successful sell-out.
A proposed East River Skyway could ease commuter congestion between Manhattan and the booming Brooklyn market.

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