East Sea

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East Sea:

see Japan, Sea ofJapan, Sea of,
or East Sea,
enclosed arm of the Pacific Ocean, c.405,000 sq mi (1,048,950 sq km), located between Japan and the Asian mainland, connecting with the East China Sea, the Pacific Ocean, and the Sea of Okhotsk through several straits.
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The bank's latest Vietnam macro-economic report said that the nation would experience limited impact from the East Sea tensions with China.
Martin Galloway, who entered the group into Wish, said: "Newcastle East Sea Cadets is a member of the governing charity Marine Society & Sea Cadets which coordinates the training, administration, safeguarding, branding and inspection of all Sea Cadets units.
The Japanese group's attempt to counter the comfort women issue with an allegation the Korea was unjustly occupying the East Sea islets lacked logical relevance not to mention the preponderance of the claim.
Stephanolepis cirrhifer specimens were collected in 2009 and 2010 from six sites located on three Korean seas: the Yellow Sea (one site), South Sea of Korea (South Sea) (three sites), and East Sea (two sites) (Table 1).
nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS George Washington, 200 aircraft and 8,000 military personnel have staged the "Invincible Spirit" exercises in the East Sea since Sunday to signal a warning to the North for its sinking of a South Korean warship in March.
During the meeting, North Korea first took up the issue, demanding the name change to the East Sea citing historical circumstances, the sources said.
The South Korean populace, 48 million newly minted soccer fans, has picked up on the significance of the game, and beating the Americans is Job 1 from the East Sea (the Japan Sea, if you live in Japan) to the DMZ.
The Society for East Sea research group has published a series of maps from the 16th century which call the sea to the east of the Korean Peninsula the 'East Sea' or 'Sea of Korea'.
On Monday and Tuesday in Beijing, the two governments held a sixth round of negotiations of an experts group on Vietnam-China sea issues, in which they resolved to maintain peace and stability in what Vietnam calls the East Sea and China calls the South China Sea.
The Kurds told the police they had paid smugglers between $200 and $300 a head to take them to Turkey from Iraq and then paid up to $2,000 for a place on the freighter, the East Sea, that eventually brought them to France.
In a statement, Greenpeace and the Korean Federation of Environmental Movements (KFEM) said, ''A shipment of weapon-usable plutonium will soon depart from Europe for Japan's west coast, creating a new threat to the environment surrounding the Korean Peninsula and the East Sea (Sea of Japan).
The seismic interpretation project is an exploration study in the Ulleung Basin, East Sea, offshore Korea, where KNOC will soon be developing Korea's first domestic production.