East Sussex

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East Sussex,

county (1991 pop. 670,600), 693 sq mi (1,795 sq km), extreme SE England. It comprises five administrative districts: Eastbourne, Hastings, Lewes, Rother, and Wealden. Brighton and HoveBrighton and Hove,
city and unitary authority (1991 pop. 134,581) and district, SE England. It was formed by the merger of the boroughs of Brighton and Hove in 1997, and became a city in 2000.
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, former districts in the county, now form a single, administratively separate city. The county, the seat of which is LewesLewes
, town (1991 pop. 14,499) and district, East Sussex, SE England. The county seat of East Sussex, Lewes is a farm market with light manufactures. St. Pancras priory was founded in the town in the 11th cent.; its ruins remain.
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, borders the English Channel. The South Downs form a chalky ridge on the coast, marshes line the southeast, and in the north are the Weald ridges, which are forested and comprised of clay and sand. Produce is grown, and cattle are raised. There is some light industry, but the area is mainly oriented toward tourism and resort towns that service London. William I the conqueror fought the battle of Hastings there. The remains of 12th- and 13th-century castles, churches, and abbeys are found throughout the region. See also SussexSussex,
former county, SE England, since 1888 divided for administrative purposes into East Sussex and West Sussex. Lewes is the county seat of East Sussex; Chichester of West Sussex.
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East Sussex

a county of SE England comprising part of the former county of Sussex: mainly undulating agricultural land, with the South Downs and seaside resorts in the south: Brighton and Hove became an independent unitary authority in 1997 but is part of the geographical and ceremonial county. Administrative centre: Lewes. Pop. (excluding Brighton and Hove): 496 100 (2003 est.). Area (excluding Brighton and Hove): 1795 sq. km (693 sq. miles)
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The buses involved in a crash in Brighton, East Sussex, which left two |people with life-threatening injuries
Lawyers say the boys are thought to be in Cyprus with their mother and her partner - Kaiton's father - Jason Warnes, 26, of St Leonards, East Sussex.
Neighbours in the quiet, close-knit community in rural East Sussex told of their shock at the shooting of a young girl in their midst.
Co-conspirator Lee Miller, 32, of East Sussex, pleaded guilty to fraudulent trading before trial and was jailed for three years and four months.
Key road routes in Kent and East Sussex were said to be hazardous for
Pc Victoria Richards, 28, was responding to the call which later turned out to be a hoax in Eastbourne, East Sussex, when her car hit 83-year-old David Lloyd and his wife Linda.
The site, at Festival Fireworks in Shortgate, near Lewes, East Sussex, was flattened by the devastating blaze and blast on Sunday afternoon.
Jones was found dead at the bottom of the pool at a house in Hartfield, East Sussex.
Tony Couchman, 47, of Beecham Place, St Leonards, East Sussex, was accused of killing single mother-of-one Victoria Couchman, between May 15 and May 18, 2008.
East Sussex County Council confirmed it and school officials were "addressing and investigating concerns" that were raised about the closeness of Megan and Forrest.
Detectives are examining whether the fire is linked to three other fires in Brighton, East Sussex - at the Royal Albion Hotel in Old Steine, at the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery and at the Sea Life Centre.
East Sussex County Council said they had been unaware of Chaseley's policy of inviting prostitutes on site, adding: "This has the potential to place vulnerable East Sussex residents at risk of exploitation and abuse.

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