East and West Sussex

Sussex, East and West


two counties in Great Britain, on the English Channel. Area of East Sussex, 2,100 sq km; population, 657,700 (1973). Area of West Sussex, 1,600 sq km; population, 629,900 (1973). The Sussex coast is a major resort area. Resorts include Brighton, Eastbourne, and Hastings. Fruits and vegetables are grown and marketed. Grain is grown in the northern parts. There is also poultry and dairy farming. The major cities are Lewes and Chichester.

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The Partnership is made up of Brighton & Hove City Council, East and West Sussex County Councils, Highways England (previously The Highways Agency), East and West Fire and Rescue Services and Sussex Police.
Earlier this week the South East joined most of East Anglia in a state of drought, with Hampshire, East and West Sussex, Kent, Surrey, Berkshire, London, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and east Gloucestershire now affected.
In the past three years, East and West Sussex County Council and Brighton and Hove Council schools have coughed up 200,000 pounds for accidents on their school grounds.
Flood watches are in place in Sussex, Derbyshire and Staffordshire, and there is a risk of surface water on the south coast with 70mm of rain forecast for Kent, and East and West Sussex.
Kent, Surrey, East and West Sussex, and London are covered by scholars, curators, and preservationists, and within them urban and rural sites and workplace and houses.
With unspoilt countryside, wild woodlands and an array of botanically rich landscaped gardens, East and West Sussex is a treasure trove for nature and outdoor enthusiasts.
A night of unceasing rain left much of East and West Sussex under water and several main roads impassable.
Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Somerset, Avon, East and West Sussex, Kent, Scotland, North West and North East England, Yorkshire, Midlands, Wales, Home Counties.
This is one of a number of energy savings initiatives being led by the SESP, working with local authorities across East and West Sussex and Brighton and Hove City Council.
New: Bristol, East Riding of Yorkshire, East and West Sussex, Herefordshire, Rutland, Worcestershire.
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