Eastern Alps

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Eastern Alps


part of the mountain system of the Alps, located east of a line passing through the Alps from the Bodensee (Lake Constance) on the north along the valleys of the Rhine and Lower Rhine to the Splügen Pass and then along the Liro and Mera rivers to Lake Como on the south. The Eastern Alps differ from the Western Alps, located west of this line, in their greater width (up to 260 km), their lesser height (Mt. Bernina, 4,049 m), the less frequent occurrence of contemporary glaciers and forms of Alpine relief, the presence of lengthwise river valleys, and the primarily latitudinal configuration of ranges, which, in the east, form a fan. The central zone of the Eastern Alps is noteworthy for its sharply defined mountainous-glacial relief, its altitude, and its glaciation. It includes the Rhaetian Alps, Ötzal Alps, Zillertal Alps, Hohe Tauern, Niedere Tauern, and other ranges. To the north are lower but sharply divided and precipitous ranges, such as the Aiguille Alps and Kitzbühel Alps, often with karst topography, composed mainly of Mesozoic lime-stones and dolomites. These merge still farther north with low ranges of Mesocenozoic flysch. South of the central zone are the limestone ranges of the Lombardian Alps, Carnic Alps, Dolomite Alps, and Julian Alps, grading farther south into the lower, limestone Cisalpine highlands.


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WEF is best known for its annual meeting at the end of January in Davos, a mountain resort in the eastern Alps region of Switzerland, which brings together some 2,500 top business leaders, international political leaders, economists, and journalists for several days to discuss the most pressing issues facing the world.
It is the highest paved mountain pass in the Eastern Alps and the second highest in the Alps, and with 48 switchbacks it is one of the ultimate driving experiences.
Established in Mesolithic times, the present-day town formed about 600 AD when the Slavs settled the Eastern Alps.
Czech Republic Landl eastern Alps Austria Zelenica eastern Alps Slovenia Sneznik Dinaric Mts.
The Brenner Base Tunnel (BBT), part of the Scandinavia-Mediterranean Corridor from Helsinki to Valletta, will run under the eastern Alps from Innsbruck, Austria, to Fortezza, Italy, and at a mighty 64km will become the longest underground rail link in the world upon its completion in 2026.
In winter, the pretty Swiss resort in Graubunden joins forces with its larger and livelier Austrian neighbour Ischgl to provide the largest shared ski area in the Eastern Alps.
DAVOS (CyHAN)- Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoy-lu arrived in Swiss tourist destination of Davos, a mountain resort in GraubE-nden, in the eastern Alps region of Switzerland, to attend World Economic Forum (WEF).
It is January and time for another World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, so I join the trek up to the remote mountain village in Switzerland's eastern Alps, which has become synonymous with building a global community based on a sense of liberal humanity.
Description of project: The River Information Services (RIS) for the Northern Italy waterway system (SIIN) has as its area of interest the Po Valley, and in particular the basin of the Po River, with its tributaries, the waterway Ferrarese and the river basin district of the Eastern Alps, which includes the basin of the artificial waterway Fissero-Tartaro-Canalbianco and the Venetian Lagoon basin.
Our journey begins in Venice, with a two-hour train journey to Cividale del Friuli in the foothills of the eastern Alps in the north-east of Italy.
Salzburg is an Austrian city on the German border, with views of the Eastern Alps.
Pfiffner has revised his textbook for a course on Alpine geology and extended its coverage from strictly Switzerland to neighboring Western and Eastern Alps.

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