Eastern Asia

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Eastern Asia


a group of natural lands in Asia, located approximately from 60° to 20° N lat.; the area includes the eastern part of the USSR, as well as China, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, South Korea, and Japan.

Eastern Asia includes the Kamchatka Peninsula, the Kuril Islands, Sakhalin Island, the Primor’e and Amur regions, Northeastern and Eastern China (along with the islands of Taiwan and Hainan), the Korean Peninsula, and the islands that constitute Japan. The seas along the extreme edge of the Pacific Ocean, which separate the mainland part of Eastern Asia from the island part, are located along the edges of the continental shelf or of the continental slope. Characteristic of the western part of Eastern Asia is a predominance of geological structures and movements of the Mesozoic epochs of formation, whereas in the eastern part there is a prevalence of structures of the Western Pacific geosyncline belt, with its great mobility and its current high seismic activity and intense volcanism (Kamchatka, the Japanese islands, and elsewhere).

In the topography of Eastern Asia medium-elevation and high mountains and highlands (Dzhugdzhur, Sikhote-Alin’, the Bureia Mountain Range, Greater Khingan, Tsinling [with elevations of up to 4,107 m], Nan Ling, the mountains of Kamchatka [with elevations of up to 4,750 m], and others) alternate with large aggradation plains (for example, the plains of the Amur Region, Northeast China, and the Great Chinese Plain). Eastern Asia is characterized by a monsoon climate with summers that are wet and winters that —especially in the continental part of Eastern Asia—are relatively dry. During the summer and autumn Eastern Asia has frequent typhoons. Characteristic of the water regimes of the rivers are considerable rises in the water level in summer and autumn, which frequently cause flooding. The natural vegetation is represented primarily by woods formations, exhibiting considerable diversity of species and preserving many ancient elements of flora. Representative of the moderate zone are mixed and broad-leaved taiga forests; prevalent in the subtropical and tropical zones are mixed deciduous and evergreen forests. In the drier regions are forest steppe and steppe formations. In the important plain areas wild vegetation has been eliminated; it has been replaced by cultivated lands.


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The six-month trade balance sheet of the country shows that exports to Eastern Asia increased to $1150m compared to $1092m, South Central Asia $1444m versus $1238m, South Eastern Asia $554m against $480m and Western Asia $1169m from $999m.
Moon approaches the group's pro-Japaneseness as a transnational phenomenon but deemphasizes the role played by transnationalism in promoting nationalism in eastern Asia at the turn of the twentieth century, as Rebecca E.
According to Comtech, this equipment will be used by one of the largest mobile network operators (MNOs) in Eastern Asia to upgrade and significantly expand its infrastructure, which has grown to over 1,000 locations over the past 10 years, leveraging Comtech EF Data products exclusively.
In statement to SUN Abdul-Majid pointed to the efforts being exerted by the council for the revive of the Gum Arabic trade in the international markets via the communication it made with some circles for lifting the American embargo on the Sudan to preserve its traditional customers in the western Europe for the creation of more cooperation with the new markets in eastern Asia particularly China and Malaysia.
Prior to Burning Man, which she writes about and photographs on page 36, she spent six months backpacking solo and photographing local tribes in southern and eastern Asia before returning home to a land of unicorns, spaceships and magic.
The only description of the man police need to speak to is that he is believed to be from eastern Asia.
The findings challenge a previous theory that dog domestication happened some 15,000 years ago in eastern Asia, after the introduction of agriculture.
The purpose of this study was to investigate the recent evolutionary history of H7 and N9 virus subtypes in eastern Asia and identify the most recent wild bird ancestor of influenza A(H7N9) virus hemagglutinin and neuraminidase.
Many of the Marines appeared unperturbed at the prospect of drinking cobra blood, which is sold as an aphrodisiac in parts of Eastern Asia.
The authors look at the spread of Christianity to the New World, Eastern Asia, and Africa, and consider how different forms of European Christianity were met by foreigners.
Rates of child mortality have fallen in all regions of the world in the last two decades - down by at least 50 per cent in Eastern Asia, Northern Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, South-eastern Asia and Western Asia, the report said.
Thai Foreign Minister Surapong Tovichakchaikul hosted the banquet in honour of the Premier marking his participation at the World Economic Forum for Eastern Asia, recently held in Bangkok.

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