Eastern Desert

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Eastern Desert,

Egypt: see Arabian DesertArabian Desert
or Eastern Desert,
c.86,000 sq mi (222,740 sq km), E Egypt, bordered by the Nile valley in the west and the Red Sea and the Gulf of Suez in the east. It extends along most of Egypt's eastern border and merges into the Nubian Desert in the south.
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Each chapter provides detailed information about all aspects of Roman maritime trade in the Red Sea and the crucial role the port of Berenike had in this trade: from the evidence of foreign communities at Berenike and the daily life of the inhabitants of the port, along with the logistical problems they had to cope with in an arid environment, to the network of routes connecting the coast with the Nile Valley, the location of wells and quarries in the Eastern Desert, the location of harbors and ports as far distant as India and Sri Lanka, merchant ships and sailing time, traded commodities, and the balance of trade.
In his memoir, Decision Points, to be released Tuesday, Bush wrote that he received an intelligence report about a "suspicious, wellhidden facility in the eastern desert of Syria" that looked similar to a nuclear facility at Yongbyon, North Korea.
The writings are presented in sections titled: the Deserts of the Imagination and Reality, the Western 'Libyan' Desert, the Eastern Desert and Sinai Peninsula, Preparations for the Journey, Starting Out, the Desert Day, the Desert Night, Nature in the Desert, Experiences of the Desert, the Threats of the Desert, the People of the Desert, and the Return to the World.
It all started in 1996," Alfredo Castiglioni, director of the Eastern Desert Research Center (CeRDO)in Varese, Italy, told Discovery News, a new website linked to the Discovery Channel.
In 2005, two volcanic eruptions which unzipped in just days created 60 Kilometers Long rift across the north eastern desert ground of Ethiopia.
Cairo, 21 Aug: Egyptian Petroleum minister said that some about 17 companies from countries including Canada, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Australia, Cyprus and Iraq are interested to obtain gold exploration licences in Egypt 's Eastern Desert.
The Map was the first to show the believers the geographical position of the holy sites from Lower Egypt to Lebanon and from the Mediterranean Sea in the west to the Eastern Desert.
Afghan farmers chat with soldiers from the 1st The Queens Dragoon Guards on patrol through the Eastern Desert in Helmand Province, Afghanistan
On a hill in the eastern desert, soldiers from A Squadron, 1st The Queen's Dragoon Guards (QDG), overlook the town.
On a hill in the eastern desert, soldiers fromASquadron, 1st The Queen's Dragoon Guards (QDG) - known as the Welsh Cavalry - overlook the town.
Nouwens present The Red Land: The Illustrated Archaeology of Egypt's Eastern Desert, a scholarly, in-depth reference to the rich, millennia-old history these inhospitable yet mineral-rich lands.
In September, Israeli warplanes destroyed what US officials described as a clandestine nuclear site in Syria's eastern desert.

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