Eastern Ghats

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Eastern Ghats,

mts., India: see GhatsGhats
[Hindi,=steps], two mountain ranges of S India, paralleling the coasts of the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal and forming two sides of the Deccan plateau. Anai Mudi (8,841 ft/2,695 m) is the highest peak in the two ranges, which are joined by the Nilgiri Hills in the
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Eastern Ghats


the common name of several disconnected groups of middle-altitude and low-mountain massifs: the Eastern Mountains (between the Godavari and Mahanadi rivers) and the Nallamalai, Velikonda, Balkonda, and Shevaroy ranges, located on the eastern edge of the Deccan in India.

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While a more exhaustive survey of these species in the Western Ghats, Eastern Ghats and North East India is underway, these results show that M.
Majority of these tribes inhabit in the eastern ghats hill range, which runs in the north-south direction through Mayurbhanj, Sundargarh and Koraput districts of the state.
That is the most visited Hindu place of worship in the world and is set amongst the seven hills of Eastern Ghats, the second oldest stone mountains.
Murty's sections on 'hunter gatherer and state level societies' and 'ritual incorporation and new social formation' in the context of the Eastern Ghats in Andhra are based on his prolonged studies in that area.
According to the author, such jungle kingdoms are characterized by their location in the heavily forested and inaccessible hill tracts of the Eastern Ghats as well as by the high population density of people claiming "tribal" origins (pp.
A precise word, phrase, or farfetched conceit offers sufficient reason for a bit of piling on: "Yes, someone was needed to record the hieroglyphs / of one's slow coming to terms / with one's shrunken jaws of territorial self, / laid asphalt against the Eastern Ghats, / and a sleep-walking race; // someone was again needed by his counterpart / to superimpose his seismic move of triumph / from the sands of Toshali as far as to / the alluvial silts over the deltas / of the river Vaitarana and Suvarnarekha" ("The Hand That Corroborates").
Waterfalls mainly exist in the Shillong Plateau and in the sea facing margins of the Western and Eastern Ghats and some of them have been successfully harvested for the generation of power.
The springs overlook the forested slopes of the Eastern ghats are also conducive for long nature walks and treks.
The CM said his administration would allow to exploit the mineral wealth (bauxite) in the agency area in the Eastern Ghats of Visakhapatnam and East Godavari districts.
Sandwiched between the Eastern Ghats and the Bay of Bengal, Visakhapatnam is without doubt a getaway waiting to be discovered.
Recently, this species was reported from Seshachalam Hills, Southern Eastern Ghats in Andhra Pradesh State (Gupta et al.

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