Eastern Highlands

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Eastern Highlands,

c.2,400 mi (3,860 km) long, general name for the mountains and plateaus roughly paralleling the east and southeast coasts of Australia (including Tasmania) and forming the Continental Divide (see Great Dividing RangeGreat Dividing Range,
crest line of the Eastern Highlands of Australia. For the most part it separates rivers draining into the Pacific Ocean from those flowing into the Indian Ocean and the Arafura Sea.
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); rises to Mt. Kosciuszko (7,310 ft/2,228 m), Australia's highest peak, in the southeast. Rugged, with many gorges and few gaps, the Eastern Highlands long hindered westward expansion of British settlement. The slopes are covered with eucalyptus forests. Rich in minerals, the highlands contain most of Australia's coalfields; gold, copper, tin, oil, and natural gas are also extracted. The southern part of the region is a popular winter resort area. Major segments of the system are the Australian AlpsAustralian Alps,
chain of mountain ranges, SE Australia, in the state of Victoria and New South Wales, making up the southern part of the Eastern Highlands and forming the watershed between the Murray River system and streams flowing into the Tasman Sea.
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, the New England Range, and the Blue Mts.Blue Mountains,
region of New South Wales, SE Australia. Located W of Sydney, this elevation is actually a plateau forming part of the Great Dividing Range.
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The eastern highlands boast similarly enticing activities for adventurous souls.
Dressed in colorful traditional long hand embroidered "Mary blouses" the group of about 40 women last year formed a regional chapter under the Agricultural Association for the Eastern Highlands.
In the new study, scientists analysed the DNA of more than 3,000 people from affected and unaffected parts of the Eastern Highlands, including 709 who had taken part in cannibalistic rituals and 152 who had died of kuru.
Then it is on by four-seater aircraft to the Eastern Highlands and the village of Herowana in the wildlife reserve.
In the Eastern Highlands, where pig exchange cycles were either absent or much less elaborated than in the Western Highlands, pigs were nonetheless recognized by early observers as an important focus of human subsistence effort (see, e.
After seven years as an Anglican priest and missioner, Presler engaged in field research (1991-95) at the Eastern Highlands Tea Estates in the Honde Valley of eastern Zimbabwe near the Mozambique border.
The zircon age patterns obtained for the 2 soils strongly suggest that the eastern highlands have received dust from the arid and semi-arid regions of the Murray-Darling Basin and possibly the Strezlecki Desert.
In Yemen pre-Iron Age settlement was first documented in 1981 in the Khawlan district of the eastern highlands, where an Italian team investigated numerous small 3rd-millennium settlements (de Maigret 1990).
In the last few months he has soaked up the country's culture by visiting Victoria Falls, venturing on a horseback safari, hiked in the Eastern Highlands and seen the ruins at Great Zimbabwe.
PORT MORESBY: Tribal fighting with military-style weapons instead of the usual bows, arrows and stone axes left 35 people dead and dozens injured in Papua New Guinea's Eastern Highlands province.
TRAVELING IN A CRAMPED MINIVAN without air conditioning, 10 students and I made our way under an unrelenting African sun to the eastern highlands of Zimbabwe.
The Eastern Highlands are a mountain chain running 300 kilometres along the Mozambique border, with superb views into Mozambique from Vumba.

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