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Headquartered in Eastpointe, Michigan, House Arrest Services has offices throughout the state of Michigan and provides SCRAMx monitoring services to jurisdictions in California, Florida and Kansas.
His 24-year-old son, Monte, currently general manager for the company's Merollis Chevrolet location in Eastpointe, Michigan, is being groomed as his successor.
Andy's letter to Santa was printed in the local paper in Eastpointe, Michigan.
In Eastpointe, Michigan, a convicted child molester was set to be released from prison after having served two terms for sexual assault.
Clovers Collision and Mechanical Repair in Eastpointe, Michigan is one of the shops realizing the benefits of using the CCC ONE platform with its integrated estimating functionality.
Eastpointe, Michigan resident Kurt Hohn made a resolution to quit last January; Hohn will soon mark his one-year anniversary.
Recipients are Danielle Evelyn Craig of Detroit and Alicia Lambert of Eastpointe, Michigan.
Feskorn resides in Eastpointe, Michigan, and from 1990 to 1999 served as a Commissioner of the City of Eastpointe Parks and Recreation Department.
From its headquarters in Eastpointe, Michigan, the company operates a network of 43 locations in eighteen US states and three Canadian provinces.

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