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1. a subdivision of a diocese, having its own church and a clergyman
2. the churchgoers of such a subdivision
3. (in England and, formerly, Wales) the smallest unit of local government in rural areas
4. (in Louisiana) a unit of local government corresponding to a county in other states of the US
5. the people living in a parish
6. on the parish History receiving parochial relief



the smallest administrative district in the Christian church, the center of which is a church.

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On the 1891 census, they had moved to Aberdare, and were in the Ecclesiastical Parish of St Margarets, Cefn Pennar, living at Cefn Pennar Road.
It was based on the old ecclesiastical parish, which includes Bamburgh, Seahouses, Beadnell, North Sunderland, Lucker, Warenford, Newham, and Fleetham and received backing from the Heritage Lottery Fund.
1860: Flockton becomes a separate ecclesiastical parish.